How to choose marble and granite plates to recognize inferior stone

14 mar

Natural decorative stone is constructed of Custom Natural White Marble Luxury Wall Clock stone, so its quality depends on the grade of the block and alternatively. Poor marble and granite slabs are generally expressed in the following aspects:

(1) The design of the top isn’t beautiful

The top of high-quality stone includes a beautiful and elegant color, which makes the decorative surface possess a strong decorative effect. However, the quality of the stone after processing is not beautiful, and it can not provide people a lovely enjoyment. Therefore, the surface tone of the stone is the main indicator for analyzing the grade of the rock.

(2) The grade of the processed sheet is normally poor.

Stone will keep some defects on the surface appearance during the handling. If these appearance defects are beyond the range of national criteria, stone is a nonconforming product. With these poor quality rock with poor appearance, the entire effect will be very poor. Consequently, in judging the quality of the stone, furthermore to taking into consideration the color of the design, the looks quality must also be checked.

(3) Large deviations in proportions

The decorative stone is processed right into a sheet, and is constructed by using a tile or a collage method. If the dish with a large deviation of the standards size can be laid, the surface will end up being uneven and the seams will be uneven. Specifically for the decoration of the facade, the line shape of the decorative surface will become irregular, Kitchen Marble Vase & Fruit Dish that may affect the entire decorative effect. As a result, the deviation of how big is the standards will directly influence the decorative aftereffect of the stone.

(4) Poor physical and chemical substance performance indicators

The inferior stone has poor compressive strength, flexural strength, wear resistance, durability, hardness, etc., and cannot assurance the durability of the stone.

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